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REVIEW: Project Daily Grind; Mirror World: Book 1, by Alexey Osadchuk


*No Spoilers*

This exciting and thrilling novel is a LitRPG (literature role-playing game) set in an MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) called Mirror World. In this world, you can become a powerful wizard, slay a dragon, become a great warrior, or even rule your own kingdom.

However, for others, they use Mirror World as a way to make money for their families. Same goes for this man, who becomes Olgard. His mission: to make enough money to pay off his loans and to get his dying six-year-old daughter a new heart. So he starts working in the mines, digging away for various minerals and gems.

However, something goes awry as he not only plays the game smartly but the “dying race” that he has chosen becomes more beneficial than others may have believed. What is going on behind the scenes with the developers? Will Olgard survive long enough in this strange new world to see his family again?

This novel caught my eye when I saw the guy standing, looking like a pirate, and the monstrous spider behind him. I wanted to grab this book and read it!

I listened to this novel on audio. The narrator was really creative with the various voices of each character. It wasn’t boring at all to listen to and kept my attention throughout!

This novel also reminded me of an anime called Sword Art Online which is about an MMORPG that takes place in virtual reality. However, the characters in this novel felt more genuine and realistic than the characters in the anime.

This novel is also loosely based on the MMORPG World of Warcraft. There’s orc-like characters as well as wizards, elves, and dwarves.

None the less, I would say if you’re a lover of video games and books, this series is worth a read (or listen)!



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