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Discussion: Video Games


One of my favorite genres of video games is story-based video games, like the Ace Attorney series or strategy/RPGs, like Fire Emblem and the older Final Fantasy games. However, games that I have no access to, I like to watch people on YouTube and Twitch play these games.

One Youtuber that I watch is NintendoCapriSun. He does let’s plays of the Ace Attorney series, the Danganrompa series, and the Legend of Zelda series among several others. He is currently doing a let’s play of Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies. He started pointing out how the case had similar themes as others in the series. I.E. like trying to figure out how someone could seemingly fly.

I asked him on Twitter what he thought of the similarities and repetitiveness since he never clearly stated in his videoes.

Elishasbookreview: Would you say that the Ace Attorney series is getting somewhat repetative with their cases? Watching the new episode and you’ve been guessing correctly on what the mystery is going to be. Just curious about your thoughts.

NintendoCapriSun: I’ve definately started to notice common threads with the narrative and how it unfolds in each of the games, so I think that’s definately helping! I wouldn’t outright deny that there is some repetativeness to it, but it’s a repetativeness that I like.

I do agree! The series is still enjoyable and fun to watch even if they use similar puzzle ideas. I’ll keep on watching as long as I can keep on guessing right along with you!

Thanks, NintendoCapriSun for giving me permission to quote your statement and even replying to me at all! Keep on doing what you do best!

Visit NintendoCapriSun’s YouTube here



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