About Me


Hello everyone!

I know that there are many book review blogs/websites out there in the world. However, I want to take my own spin on things in my reviews.

I don’t usually read books that are popular or classics. I read whatever catches my eye or interests. I want to introduce my readers to some authors that they might not have heard of before.

I usually get my books from the library or from a thrift store so I might be reviewing some older books. However, I will occasionally be reviewing ARCs (advance reading copies) so I will also be trying to add hype to some upcoming books as well!

I usually post my content on Monday, Wednesday, or Friday at 1pm CDT.

I have loved reading books ever since I was little. The AR (Accelerated Reading) program was the best thing that ever happened to me. I was on the top 5-10 lists every year or almost every year. Sometimes school-work gets in the way.

I have been reading comics for the past few years. My ex-boyfriend got me interested in them because I wanted to be just as knowledgeable as he was with the comic book universe.

I started a full-time job in February of 2019. However, in June of 2019, I had to resign due to things that were out of my control, mainly my mental health.

Want to give me suggestions on how to make this blog better and more fun? Email me: elishasbookreview@gmail.com

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