About Elisha’s Book Review


Hello everyone!

I know that there are many book review blogs/websites out there in the world. However, I want to take my own spin on things in my reviews.

I don’t usually read books that are popular or classics. I read whatever catches my eye or interests. I want to introduce my readers to some authors that they might not have heard of before.

I usually get my books from the library or from a thrift store so I might be reviewing some older books. However, I will occasionally be reviewing ARCs (advance reading copies) so I will also be trying to add hype to some upcoming books as well!

I usually post my content on Monday, Wednesday, or Friday at 3pm CDT.

I have loved reading books ever since I was little. The A.R. (Accelerated Reading) program was the best thing that ever happened to me. I was on the top 5-10 lists every year or almost every year. Sometimes school-work gets in the way.

I have been reading comics for the past several years. My ex-boyfriend got me interested in them because I wanted to be just as knowledgeable as he was with the comic book universe.

I struggle with mental illness, so it’s difficult for me to hold down a job without it sending me to the mental hospital. I try my best every day to be productive, but some times I just got to take it easy. 

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