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Update: Schedule Changes (Again)

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Hello everyone!

I’m going to be changing the schedule again, I know I should just pick a schedule and stick to it, but life happens and things change.

Life has gotten a bit more chaotic, and my depression is slowly kicking in again. So here’s the plan so far. I’ll be uploading a review once a week (Monday at 1:00pm CDT). Blog/Update on Wednesday at (1:00pm CDT) and maybe upload either a discussion post or maybe ramble about what’s been on my mind.

Thanks, everyone for the support so thanks for sticking around!

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Still Planning…



I hope you enjoyed Aquaman week! I’m looking forward to seeing how Jason Mamoa portrays the underdog character on the big screen this year!

I just wanted to test something out for the coming weeks. I’m going to publish two novel reviews a week. One on Monday at 1pm CDT, and the other on Friday at 1pm CDT. It’s just a temporary thing to see if this boosts my stats, and if it doesn’t change I’ll go back to publishing once a week.

Just thought I’d give you a head’s up!