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Major Update: I am Going Back to Work!

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I just want to start off by saying, things are finally looking up for me in my personal life. I just received confirmation from the company that I will be starting work soon!

Now, with that being said, I’m trying to create as big of a backlog as I can so I’m not missing my deadlines for book reviews. I am a loyal and reliable person, and I do my best to make things happen.

I am so excited to be going back to work. Even if I don’t pass the probation phase, at least it’s something to add to my resume.

So next month might be sparse for book reviews, I’m not sure yet and I will keep this updated. I know I have a small following now, and I can’t let my regular readers down!

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Update: Schedule Changes (Again)

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Hello everyone!

I’m going to be changing the schedule again, I know I should just pick a schedule and stick to it, but life happens and things change.

Life has gotten a bit more chaotic, and my depression is slowly kicking in again. So here’s the plan so far. I’ll be uploading a review once a week (Monday at 1:00pm CDT). Blog/Update on Wednesday at (1:00pm CDT) and maybe upload either a discussion post or maybe ramble about what’s been on my mind.

Thanks, everyone for the support so thanks for sticking around!

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Update: Back in the Groove of Things!

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Hello everyone!

After a small break, and a library visit, I am back to reading again! I have found some novels, comic book, and manga that will be appearing on my blog within the coming weeks!

Monday, I will return with another audiobook review. I don’t want to spoil what it’s going to be. So please return to find out!

Thanks to everyone who sent the kind words and messages! It feels good knowing I’m not the only one with mental health issues.

So, I enjoyed my break, but now I’m ready to start reading again!

Thanks, everyone!


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Update Regarding My Mental Health & This Blog


I am starting to feel better mentally, getting out of my slumps takes anywhere from a few days to a week or two. I have started listening to a new audiobook, as well as reading another book. For now, I am still going to be taking things slow until I am feeling 100%.

I am also looking for a job. I am currently not getting paid for writing this blog or reviewing books. I had an interview yesterday, and I’m not sure of how it went. So if I do end up getting a job, this blog will be having the schedule changed (yet again).

Thanks for your patience guys!


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Discussion: Mental Health


I know, I know, it’s another blog post about mental health. I know it’s not a fun subject to talk about, but it’s one that needs to be discussed.

I feel like I’ve been in a slump as of late. I often suffer from bouts of depression. When I went to the mental hospital last year I was diagnosed with Bipolar Depressive Disorder. Knowing what has been causing my mood swings and depressive slumps, gives me comfort in a way that’s difficult to explain.

I have also been dealing with physical health issues as well. I went to the doctor yesterday and she thinks it’s my meds. So she gave me some anti-nausea meds. I’m not pregnant, so yay!

I’m feeling better now, and I am going back to reading and reviewing. I hope you guys have been enjoying my reviews so far. I try to be fair with each book, but sometimes, it’s difficult not to pick favorites.

So I appreciate everyone who reads my reviews and is very supportive of me. I really appreciate it!