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REVIEW: The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Vol. 1 by Akira Himekawa


* No Major Spoilers*

Link, now a Hylian Knight, serves Princess Zelda at Hyrule Castle. When Shadow Link kidnaps Princess Zelda, Link once again must prepare himself to defeat the forces of evil. To do so, he needs the legendary Four Sword, but getting it means releasing and then battling the ancient evil power Vaati. The Four Sword also splits Link into four different versions of himself, and these new Links aren’t team players! Rescuing Zelda, beating Vaati, and getting his wild alter-egos under control isn’t going to be easy!

I enjoy the lore behind The Legend of Zelda series. However, I find most of the games to be boring. I prefer to watch someone else play the games in the background while I sleep. So I have been wanting to review one of The Legend of Zelda mangas for a long time now, so let’s dive into this adventure series!

First off, I watched a collaborative let’s play on YouTube with some of my favorite YouTube personalities. It was fun watching them trying to cooperate with each other. The four of them with their own unique playstyles trying to figure out the game and its puzzles were interesting and brought me a lot of joy.

Now back onto the book. The first thing I noticed and really enjoyed was that they actually gave Link a vocal personality and that he had the title of a Knight in Hyrule and his dad was the one in charge of the Knights of Hyrule. This change of pace from the games was something of a refreshing take on the series outside of Link and his “HYAA! HEY! YAA!”

With all of the aspects of the various personalities of Link unleashed by the Four Sword, Green Link, the original Link, has to keep the 4 of them from getting side-tracked. The other three Links outside of the Green one wore a different color tunic and hat. the red one had more of a laid back personality, the blue one was really angry and feisty, and the purple one was more of the nerdy researcher if I understood that right based on the descriptions. With these personalities, they had to work together to save the Princess, a very arduous task considering that Dark Link kept antagonizing by trying to separate them.

If you want to know more about the story than what I’ve put here, then you’re just going to have to pick up the book and read it. This is a good read and I’d definitely recommend it to any Legend of Zelda fan and or a fan of manga.

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Discussion: Video Games


One of my favorite genres of video games is story-based video games, like the Ace Attorney series or strategy/RPGs, like Fire Emblem and the older Final Fantasy games. However, games that I have no access to, I like to watch people on YouTube and Twitch play these games.

One Youtuber that I watch is NintendoCapriSun. He does let’s plays of the Ace Attorney series, the Danganrompa series, and the Legend of Zelda series among several others. He is currently doing a let’s play of Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies. He started pointing out how the case had similar themes as others in the series. I.E. like trying to figure out how someone could seemingly fly.

I asked him on Twitter what he thought of the similarities and repetitiveness since he never clearly stated in his videoes.

Elishasbookreview: Would you say that the Ace Attorney series is getting somewhat repetative with their cases? Watching the new episode and you’ve been guessing correctly on what the mystery is going to be. Just curious about your thoughts.

NintendoCapriSun: I’ve definately started to notice common threads with the narrative and how it unfolds in each of the games, so I think that’s definately helping! I wouldn’t outright deny that there is some repetativeness to it, but it’s a repetativeness that I like.

I do agree! The series is still enjoyable and fun to watch even if they use similar puzzle ideas. I’ll keep on watching as long as I can keep on guessing right along with you!

Thanks, NintendoCapriSun for giving me permission to quote your statement and even replying to me at all! Keep on doing what you do best!

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