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Back From Retropalooza!

My weekend in Arlington, TX was fun and crazy! I got to meet a lot of awesome people and support some of my favorite artists!

I love Retropalooza because I’ve made so many friends, and it feels good to have a small circle of friends that I can see each year.

I’ll have my next review coming up on Wednesday! Thanks for all of the love and support!

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Retropalooza in Arlington, TX


There’s a convention that I’ve been annually going to since 2016, and it’s called Retropalooza. They host one convention in Houston, TX as well as Arlington, TX. This year they made the attempt to spread out into San Antonio, TX but plans changed. However, there’s always next year!

This year I’ll be going to Arlington, TX (hopefully) to go hang out with other video game fans like myself. It’s so fun to be in an inviting environment where people cosplay and just hang out with their friends, or meet new ones.

The YouTuber panels are the ones I look forward to the most, I make a list of my favorites that I’d like to meet.

I’ve met Jirard Kahlil AKA “The Completionist”.

I’ve met Alex Faciane from The Dex and Super Beard Bros.

I’ve met 8-Bit Eric.

I’ve met Boogie2988.

I’ve met Gaijin Goombah (awesome guy)

And several others that I can list another time.

I am really looking for ward to getting to go again this year (not set in stone yet, but still hopeful) the convention is in September so I still have time.

Anyway, I’ll see what I can do until then! I’m still reading and having the reviews coming!

Thanks for everyone supporting me. It means a lot to me.