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Recommended Summer Reading for 2023

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It’s almost the end of May and that means summer is right around the corner! Now, I have come to you with a lists of books that give me feelings of summer, whether that’s a roadtrip, vacation, or being free from school and getting a break. So here we go!

  • The Tea Dragon Society by K. O’Neal – I think this is a good book/series for anytime of year, but I think the first book has summer vibes for sure.
  • A Little Bit Country by Brian D. Kennedy – This book takes place at a theme park similar to Dollywood, and it’s perfect for anyone who likes LGBT+ stories, country music, or books that take place in a theme park.
  • Crazy Food Truck Vol. 1 by Rokurou Ogaki – Take a roadtrip through this post-apocalyptic wasteland in search of the next meal, or maybe just end up finding trouble in town. This whole series is only 3 volumes, so it’s a quick read.
  • Captain Moxley and the Embers of the Empire by Dan Hanks – This is for the Indiana Jones fans, there’s traveling, and treasure hunting, and I think it’s a perfect summer read for those looking for an escape into the archives of archeology.
  • The Last One by Alexandra Olivia – I will never stop recommending this book, it has stuck with me even after all this time. It reminds me of the TV show Survivor, which usually airs in the early summer. Highly recommend this one!

So there we are! Five books to add to your TBR this summer! Hopefully you’ll check them out and share with me your thoughts on any summer read or books you’re looking forward to this summer! If I get enough responses, I might feature these in a future post!

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REVIEW: The Crazy Food Truck Vol. 1 by Rokurou Ogaki

*No Spoilers*

*Trigger Warnings for brief mentions of sexual assault*

The owner of a food truck in a post-apocalyptic world nearly runs over a naked girl sleeping in the middle of the desert. When he gives her a lift, he inadvertently takes on her baggage too—an armed militia hot on her trail…and her even more problematic appetite. If one doesn’t take him out, the other surely will!

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

I discovered this manga on the virtual library and the cover caught my eye. I read the summary and as soon as I finished up one of the other books I was reading, I instantly dove into this one. So let’s fry up this review of Crazy Food Truck!

First off, I got to say that the artwork in this story is unique and beautiful. I admire artists who can draw anime food. Bonus points for even including the recipes at the end of the manga! Even though the is intended for mature audiences, I still had fun with our two main characters running away from the militia in a land covered in sand dunes.

One of my favorite parts is when they’re searching for food ingredients and Gordon and Arisa start fishing for sand squid. Well, Gordon couldn’t catch anything but a dinky little squid. He teaches Arisa how to use the fishing pole and she instantly catches the boss-level squid. Once she defeated the squid without too much trouble, Gordon was able to make burgers out of the squid meat and the rest was dried and salted.

Overall, I really enjoyed this manga and I will keep my eyes peeled for the next volume. This is one series I’m going to keep up with! I’d recommend this manga for fans of slice-of-life, post-apocalyptic stories, and of course food.