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What I’ve Been Watching

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Depression and burnout has hit me hard these past couple of months. I haven’t felt like reading or listening to audiobooks so I have gotten back to listening to podcasts and catching up on some TV shows I either have been wanting to watch, or rewatching childhood favorites. So let’s dive in!

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation on Hulu: My fiancé and I have been making our way through this show recently, when we both come home from work, we turn it on and watch an episode or two while we eat dinner. I grew up watching this show and I love all the characters and their quirks and individual story arcs. Something I’ve definitely missed was all the subtle looks between supervisor Gil Grissom and a fellow CSI Sara Sidle whenever something remotely sexual or romantic comes up during an investigation.

LEGO Masters on Hulu: I first heard of this show when I was binging The Masked Singer and when Will Arnett came on to be a guest panelist. I kind of grew up with LEGO, but more or less I think people who can make masterpieces with the famous bricks is fascinating. I found all the contestants to be likable and memorable. I would definitely recommend this show to the whole family.

Crime Scene Kitchen on Hulu: I thought this was a unique idea, and the premise is fun, contestants have to “investigate” a kitchen and figure out what dessert has been made based on the clues and figure out the real clues vs the red herrings. Contestants aren’t that memorable. Just like a lot of reality TV shows they are just people who are trying to solve the mystery. It’s ok, I’ll continue watching it until the season is over, and if it does get renewed for a new season hopefully tweak some of the things that make this show feel kind of bland and a bit boring.

So this has been everything I’ve been consistently watching and I hope I either recommended some new shows, or just to show some signs of life on my blog. One day the reviews will come back! Just got to wait for this spell to end and I should be back in no time!



I am just a 20 something trying to figure out how to survive in this crazy world. I want to share my love of reading with everyone! I want to introduce people to some underrated or unknown authors. I also blog about other media I consume such as TV, Movies, Podcasts, and Video Games.

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