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MOVIE REVIEW: The Meg (2018)


*No Spoilers*

I have been looking forward to this movie for a while. I was finally able to borrow it from my local library and watched it this past Monday.

The plot is your basic shark/monster story. Something attacks an underwater submarine, and the sole survivor is laughed at by everyone. Only to find out several years later, an exploration pod makes the first trip into the famous Mariana Trench, and things go haywire fast.

Only one man, Jonas, played by Jason Statham, can save the day. Can he save everyone? Or will he repeat history and become another sole survivor?

This movie is loosely based on the novel The Meg by Steve Alten. I read the novel in 2012, and I still remember the novel fairly well. The only problem I had with the novel itself was I didn’t understand the machinery involved with the dive.

The thought of a shark larger and more deadlier than the Great White shark sparks the imagination and the fear of adventuring into the deep end of the swimming pool. The Megladon shark was a real organism that lived in prehistoric times. It killed mainly whales and other, smaller sharks.

They went extinct when the ice age occurred and a combination of drastic temperature change in the ocean, and the whales changing their diet caused the Megladon to become extinct due to lack of food.

Unlike most monster movies, the characters aren’t stereotypes or cardboard characters. I felt like I could relate to the main group of characters. It was refreshing to see this change.

I’m not sure how accurate the movie really is, but sometimes it’s better to have fun than to critique a monster movie. Megladons are no longer around, but that doesn’t stop the mind to imagine and fantasize about a world where these prehistoric monsters did exist.

I will definitely be adding this to my “favorite movies” list. If you would like to hear my opinions on some of the movies I watch, let me down in the comments section below!

Here’s a video from PBS discussing the Megladons in more detail!



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