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REVIEW: The Girl Who Disappeared Twice (Forensic Instincts #1) by Andrea Kane


*No Spoilers*

If she’d only turned her head, she would have seen the car containing her daughter, struggling to get out. Struggling to escape her kidnapper.

Despite all her years determining the fates of families, veteran family court judge Hope Willis couldn’t save her own. Now she’s frantically grasping at any hope for Krissy’s rescue. Her husband dead set against it, she calls Casey Woods and her team of renegade investigators, Forensic Instincts.

Forensic Instincts will dig through each tiny clue and eliminate the clutter. But time is running out, and even working around the clock, the authorities are bound by the legal system. Not so Casey’s team. For they know that the difference between Krissy coming back alive and disappearing forever could be as small as a suspect’s rapid breathing, or as deep as Hope’s dark family history.

“If that’s true, this won’t end as a quiet closed case,” Casey responded. “The offender will want notoriety, or recognition. Krissy will turn up.”

“In one form or another, yes.” Hutch’s tone was grim. “Our job is to find her before she ‘turns up’ and to find her alive.” – The Girl Who Disappeared Twice

I was looking through books I had bookmarked on my library account and found this series. I am a lover of mysteries, and this peaked my interest. I was not disappointed in the overall quality of this thrilling novel.

Casey’s team, Forensic Instincts, is a team made up of a computer wiz, a former Navy SEAL, and Casey herself is a behavioral psychologist. Along the way, the team grows throughout this novel.

This novel does bring an interesting scenario to the table. Is a missing child case from over three decades ago be connected to the current missing child?

Some of the characters in this novel reminded me of some of the characters from Criminal Minds. Maybe the author loosely based a couple of the characters off of the characters from the show. Whatever it is, it made this novel more enjoyable in my opinion.

Although I thoroughly enjoyed this novel, it did have a flaw for me. I predicted the ending (more or less). Don’t let this detour you from this book. It’s just something about mysteries and I’m like “The killer is…” and I turn out to be correct.

My favorite character was Hero, the bloodhound who helped Forensic Instincts solve the case and find the missing child; Krissy. I am a dog lover at heart, so seeing any law enforcement canine makes me happy.

I would recommend this book for lovers of mysteries, thrillers, and Criminal Minds. This book will have you on the edge of your seat until the very satisfying ending.



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