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REVIEW: Pokemon Sun and Moon Vol.1 by Hidenori Kusaka


*No Spoilers*

The beginning on this ongoing series involves Sun, the delivery boy. He meets Moon, a girl on a mission to deliver a Pokemon, Rotom, to Professor Kukui. While on a mission for an odd job for the local gang, Team Skull, things go haywire and a plan is set to get revenge on Sun.

This manga reminded me of the relationship between Ash and Misty in the Pokemon anime. Sun is a bone-head who is living life by the seat of his pants. Moon is one that’s level-headed and know what she’s doing. She studied to be a pharmacist, and she can make various medicine to help both Pokemon and people.

I enjoyed this manga even though it was short. I hope this series gets better as it goes on. I might review Volume 2. The main underlining story with Team Skull seems to be interesting.

I would recommend this for Pokemon lovers and manga alike.



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