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REVIEW: X-Men: Colossus: God’s Country by Christopher Yost


*No Spoilers*

In this collection of comic books, we learn about Colossus, a mutant with the ability to turn his skin into “living metal”. Along with being bulletproof and super strength, he also has a “no kill” policy.

Peter Rasputin was a hard-working farmer in Siberia with his parents and younger sister. When a runaway tractor is about to run over the unsuspecting sister, Peter’s skin turns into steel and saves his sister from getting killed.

When the leader of the X-Men, Charles Xavier goes to recruit the new mutant, Colossus finds a new home with the X-Men.

The many stories in this collection discuss how Americans felt about the Russians after the cold war. Colossus also deals with the internal struggles of wanting to be with his family in Siberia but also wanting to stay with the X-Men in America.

I loved Colossus in the Deadpool movies. I liked his dry humor and the fact that his character in the movies strongly representing his comic book counterpart. He does things by the book, and Deadpool is the opposite of that.

This collection of Colossus stories will leave you thinking the difficult questions about “what does it mean to be free”? This collection is entertaining as well as thought-provoking.

I would recommend this graphic novel if you’re wanting a fulfilling comic book read. Every story is complete and leaves no loose strings. The characters are admirable and relatable on one level or another.

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