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ARC REVIEW: The Ghost, The Owl by Franco


*No Spoilers* 

*Thanks to Action Lab Entertainment for giving us the chance to read this graphic novel early* 

*The Ghost, The Owl by Franco will be hitting bookshelves May 15, 2018,* 

This is a story about an owl. He is hanging out with his friends when he sees a ghost in the swamp. Against his friends’ wishes, he goes to help the ghost. She is lost and doesn’t remember how she got to the swamp or what happened to her. So it’s up to the unique pair to solve the mystery of who the ghost girl is and how she can find peace.

I loved this graphic novel, the artwork was amazing and I loved the deep, but simple story. Just an owl who’s wanting to do the right thing. He helps multiple people in this story. I think it’s just a reminder for everyone if someone’s in need of help, we should do everything in our power to help.

I love ghost stories and owls, they go together so well. The Native Americans had many myths about the sightings of owls and what that meant. It is really fascinating and it’s what caught my eye about this story, to begin with.

I would recommend this for owl lovers. People who enjoy a heart-warming story. This is a graphic novel for people of all ages.

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