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Welcome Back to Marvel Week!

Hello guys!

Hope you guys enjoyed DC Comic book week! Reading the Joker-themed graphic novels was amazing and left me stunned and wanting more.

I also hope you enjoyed my review of The Other Side of Midnight by Simone St. James! I wasn’t expecting much from this book, but this book blew me away!

Anyway, on with what the theme for this Marvel week going to be. I was actually panicking a bit because I wanted to do a theme with something that was coming out in March. Then the trailer for Netflix‘s Jessica Jones season 2 dropped. I was saved! It releases on Netflix on March 8th. So I timed it just right!

Anyway, hope you enjoy reading my reviews for Jessica Jones comics to get hyped for season 2! I hear it’s going to be great!


Hope to see you guys for Marvel Week!


*Side Note* Due to complications out of my control, I will only be reviewing two Jessica Jones comic books. The first one will be posted on Monday at 1pm CDT, and the second one on Friday at 1pm CDT.



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