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Welcome To My Reading Nook!

Hello everyone!

Welcome to my Reading Nook. From here I will be sharing the books I’m currently reading, and will give my honest reviews of them. Good, bad, or indifferent. I enjoy reading whatever catches my eye and what sounds interesting at the time.

Just a heads up, I don’t typically read Romances (or where the romance is the main focus of the plot) and I don’t read Young Adult typically.

Some of my favorite books include:

The Harry Potter series- These books were the pinnacle of my high school years. I loved the adventures and the heart that went into the series.

The Nancy Drew books- These books I read throughout elementary and middle school. Even though some of the vocabulary used was out dated, I still enjoyed finding out who was the bad guy.

Watership Down– I read this during my freshman year of high school. This book was unique to me because it’s written from the rabbits’ perspective. Such a heart-felt story about lovable characters and an epic adventure to go alongside it.



I am just a 20 something trying to figure out how to survive in this crazy world. I want to share my love of reading with everyone! I want to introduce people to some underrated or unknown authors. I also blog about other media I consume such as TV, Movies, Podcasts, and Video Games.

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